The physical, technological, human and financial resources are providing the conditions of quick and high quality job.

The richness of human resources is the most important factor for our company; the existence and improvement of the human technological factors is an essential condition of good quality work.

The majority of our employees has at least 15 to 20 years of professional experience. Continuous development and improvement is of crucial importance for the companies in these days that is why our employees are participating in courses and trainings on a regular basis to learn the new knowledge.

Our company has moved to a more spacious and comfortable office building to facilitate the engineering and office work and to improve the ergonomics in 2006. We have installed the most modern computer system, created a comfortable meeting room and equipped each room of the house with ergonomic furniture in our new office which is now our Company’s principal office and provides proper background for the engineering, management and control of the installation work.

Let us mention our premises as one of our physical and technological resources that has been improved continuously where, to facilitate our colleagues’ work, an equipment fleet and our stocks of proper quantity and quality are also available. Our equipment fleet includes 60 cars, vans, machines and special purpose vehicles owned by the company. We achieve the reliability and roadworthiness of our fleet by continuous servicing, repairs, replacements and new purchases. Our transport and service fleet includes the following vehicles:

6 tower service cars, 1 crane of 12 tons, a van equipped with a 7.5 crane and a van equipped with a 3.5 crane, 1 dump lorry of 7,5 tons, a van with basket and 13 m ladder, a van with basket and 20 m ladder, one earth-moving machine, six service cars and some additional vehicles. Well-equipped shops provide places for the necessary fabrication work at our premises (blacksmith's shop, machining shop, electrical pre-fabricating shop and vehicle repair and renewal shop).