TEN-T: Transportation, power supply

The vast majority of people take it for granted that the tram will arrive, the city rail operates; that they can board the underground anytime they choose and trolley-buses are on their way to pick them up and bring them to the location of their desire. They rarely stop to think about the complex background facilities necessary for this to be so. Even if they do, these thoughts usually end with „Well, it isn’t so hard: you need power and rails. And sometimes a tunnel.” The only time they notice the system itself is when something goes out of order.

Founded in 1981, TEN-T has been working on the improving, easing and making everyones basic need to a quality and modern vehicular traffic more reliable by helping in enhancing and spreading the environment friendly electric power based traffic during our near 35 years of operation and plan to continue this activity going forward. One of our main driving goals when founding the company was to provide the highest possible quality of service which goal is expressed by being among the first of Hungarian companies to obtain the world renowned ISO-9001 quality guarantee and work along these lines since then.

With our three and a half decades of experience, TEN-T has received a number of professional and social awards and appraisals, for example an official recognition of our excellent quality work at Hungária road – Könyves Kálmán road vehicular traffic investment by the Mayor of Budapest or just recently by receiving „Category A” grading by OPTEN, which puts our company among the 2.2% highest rated companies in Hungary in terms of quality and reliability of service.

Since the company’ss launch in 1981, TEN-T has taken an active role in the electrification of Hungarian vehicular traffic, from design, through building and construction to maintenance services. Over the past decades our company added and continues to add a number of innovative developments and solutions, now widely spread in the profession. Through these roles and activities TEN-T has put an unquestionable footprint in helping evolve, enhance and spread electricity based vehicular traffic.

Apart from working on the enhancement, expansion, modernization and maintenance of the Budapest tram and trolley-bus system, our company has also worked elsewhere in Hungary (Szeged, Miskolc, Debrecen, etc.) and abroad (UK, Switzerland, India, Mexico, Latvia, etc.) on projects aiming further development of electric power related traffic and other systems.

As part of the projects our company took part in, we worked on the modernization and expansion of tramlines no. 1 and no. 3 in Budapest and Szeged; on the reconstruction and redevelopment of the tramline and related facilities on the Budapest great city ring as it proved necessary by the introduction of new tramcars and systems on tramline no. 4 and no. 6 („combino trams”); in connection to this project and as standalone projects we took an active and important role in the modernization of the Budapest Margit bridge and the building of metroline 4. Outside of Hungary our most recent project, just a couple of years ago, was the reconstruction and modernization of the Riga (Latvia) tramlines no. 6 and no. 11 and the related trolley-bus systems.

Of course, it was not only the tram- and metrolines that we focused on: enhancement, modernization, expansion and maintenance of trolley-bus lines was of equal importance in recent years. Good examples for such works are the building and construction of the trolley-bus junction at the Budapest Baross quare or the modernization of the overhead wiring system of trolley-bus line no. 8 and no. 10 in Szeged.

A lot has happened over the past more than three decades. By the turn of the millenium we built, constructed and installed over 50 kilometers of complex tramline tracks, overhead lines and related power supply as well as other related facilities.

Since then we continue to do what we started:

Plus we installed complete point switch heating-, switchboard-, platform equipment-, trolley-busXtrolley-bus- and trolley-busXtram crossing systems around Hungary and as part of our work abroad.

Apart from the building and construction, modernization and expansion of actual tram and trolley-bus systems we have of course taken part in related projects such as for example the modernization and expansion of service facilities like the majority of tram sheds in Budapest: Hungária, Zugló, Kelenföld, etc. Also in connection to such works we built public- and specific are lighting on tens of thousands of square meters.

In every job, be it the smallest of maintenances to the largest of building and construction projects, be the location in the smallest of villages in Hungary or the largest of cities worldwide, TEN-T sees an opportunity and a challenge. Veteran engineers and construction experts working with us give the backbone of our company, they are the ones, who, with their high quality of work and massive professional standards, complex problem solving abilities and their flexibility toward „making things work” for the benefit of all make TEN-T a unique company.

It is because of them, that we can safely say: if the question is transportation and power supply, the answer is TEN-T.