Since being established, TEN-T has always taken an active role in transportation and power supply design, side by side and on the same level as our construction goals. Below you may find more information in regards to such efforts by going through our list of important design jobs over the years. These jobs were either stand alone design projects or form a part of larger construction schemes that are or were also completed by us

1.       Design jobs in connection with the 2008 extension and reconstruction and the 2012 reconstruction of tramline no. 3 in Budapest.

2.       In 2009 our team prepared the construction designs for power supply reconstruction works on the Kolozsvar street tramline and for overhead lines reconstruction of the Csepel suburban railway

3.       Building permit and construction design for trolley bus overhead lines prepared in connection with reconstruction of road bridge on Kerepesi road in 2010.

4.       Power supply design for tramline no. 41 in 2011

5.       Construction design for traffic mast signalling system at Kozma street in 2012

6.       The permit and construction designes for the reconstruction of the tram track and switch heating systems at Zuglo depo in 2013 and construction designs for the towing grounding cable and current return systems, for the overhead lines and the switch heating in connection with the reconstruction of ladder tracks at the Budapest Transport Company’s Szava depo in 2015.

7.       Construction designs in connection with the complete reconstruction and remodeling of Baross square trolley bus in 2013

8.       Designs for Tramline 61, reconstruction of buttress along Ördögárok riverbed and Feasibility study on the standarized development concept of Budapest tram and trolley bus system in 2014.

9.       Complex design of power supply infrastructure of tramline extension from Bécsi street current terminal point to extended tramline’s new terminal point at Aranyvölgy in 2015.

On the international level, between 2008 and 2011 we prepared the complete and complex designs in connection with the works we have conducted in Riga, the main elements of which are the following:

1.       Riga tram depo 5.

2.       Riga tramline no 6.: tramXtrolley bus crossing

3.       Riga tramline nos. 6. and 11. plus tram depo 5. power supply construction designs


A more detailed description of the construction design jobs we have conducted can be found int he References section of this website. Below you may find a general list of design job types that describe our profile.

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Design of power networks:

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