Quality management

Our company has introduced a quality assurance system satisfying the MSZ EN ISO 9001: 2009 standard for the whole of the organization in 2002. We have determined and will determine our quality policy on this basis in the future, as well. In order to facilitate the effective flow of information and the gradual improvement of the services’ quality we are maintaining continuous contact with our suppliers and customers. The input received from our suppliers determines greatly the quality of the work therefore it is essential to form and maintain reliable partnership. To that end we have established strategic connection with our key suppliers which guarantees the supply of the tools and materials necessary for our work.

With our three and a half decades of experience, TEN-T has received a number of professional and social awards and appraisals, for example an official recognition of our excellent quality work at Hungária road – Könyves Kálmán road vehicular traffic investment by the Mayor of Budapest or just recently by receiving „Category A” grading by OPTEN, which puts our company among the 2.2% highest rated companies in Hungary in terms of quality and reliability of service.

During the design and developmental phases TEN-T Zrt.’s special focus is on the standard requirements of the planned mass transit and energy supply networks, the authority regulations, the life cycle, safety, reliability, durability, easy maintenance, ergonomics and any potential risks. Beyond the prior listed ones we take into consideration the environmental effects, with the priority of energy saving and economy. Our company has undertaken crucial role in the elaboration of the special authority regulations.

The members of our company are committed to achieve high level customer satisfaction as our activity affects at least one million people who are using the services of the urban mass transit every day.