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KÉSZ-Wis Consortium
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reconstruction, expansion, building and construction works

The complete and all-round refurbishment and reconstruction of – among others – the public transportation systems at Széll Kálmán square is an organic part of the group of projects currently in development which constitute one of the largest complex transportation revamps of the Budapest tram system that leads to an integrated interconnecting system of tram transportation in the Buda area.TEN-T takes an active part in these projects from the very beginning and as part of the works has completed the restructuring and reconstruction of the overhead lines system at Széll Kálmán Square.


As part of the works we have done TEN-T erected 48 steel masts, built in 2300 meters of contact-wire, 4500 meters of surface-conduits, 9000 meters of SZAMKAM 1000 aluminum cables, 500 meters of cables serving current flow recirculation and 4500 meters of signaling cables. We installed 32 power cable boxes and 5 Hanning & Kahl point-setting systems complete with the related heating systems as well. Our work included building the complete terminal signaling system and the LED rail traffic lights system plus the installation of short circuits.