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Büve – Karlis – Volts, JK Projekti, Moduls, Tilti
Date of Execution:
2010 – 2011
Riga (Latvia)
Gender at Work:
design, building and construction

On the international level, the latest job undertaken by our company was conducted at tramlines no. 6 and no. 11 and at trolley-bus lines no. 12 and no. 16 at the city of Riga in Latvia. From design to construction and construction supervision, our company conducted complex and complete works on these public transport lines. As part of our assignment we were responsible for the design of overhead line installation on tramline no. 11 and construction supervision of the two main traffic junctions on the tramline. In regards to tramline no. 6 we were responsible for the construction work of the overhead lines and reconstruction and modernization of shed no. 5, including construction supervision on the Alfa – Jugla and Smerlis sections along the tramline. Here we conducted works paralell to the construction works we were responsible for on trolley-bus lines no. 12 and no. 16. On top of this, our company was also responsible for and conducted the construction and construction supervision tasks of the main junction of the Valdemara city ring.

Prior to construction we took an active part in designing as well:

1.            Design for Riga tramline no. 5 depo reconstruction

Design of necessary reconstruction items (such as track system, utility buildings, power supply) necessary to ensure existence of relevant and effective background depo units for new lowfloor vehicles operated by Riga Transport Company.

2.            Construction design for remodeling of Riga tramline no. 6 trolleybusXtram crossing

Development of system for trolleybusXtram and tramXtram crossing that provides for the stable crossing of tram cars equipped with pantograph collectors and for those equipped with trolley poles (int he case of trams equipped with trolley shoes identical to those used for trolley buses).

3.            Power supply construction design for Riga tramline nos. 6 and 11. and depo no. 5

Creating design for towing infrastructure necessary for operating the Riga lowfloor tram vehicles. Setting cross-section output of the necessary converter capcity based on strain calculation and simulation. Design for reconstruction of overhead lines and grounding cable lanes. On-site strain measurement of overlap current within the converter.