Power supply

Power supply
Dunagép zRT., Hídépítő zRT., Vasútépítő és Karbantartó Kft.
Date of Execution:
2005, 2012
Gender at Work:
power supply construction

During the reconstruction of the bridge arcing above the tramrails at the Budapest 11th district Balaton street, our company was in charge of performing the building and construction of relevant power supply and public lighting in connection with the works. As part of our tasks we set up masts, built overhead lines and feeder wiring, laid traction grounding and telephone cables, installed safety railings and the platform equipment.

Our company was tasked with a number of similar jobs over the years for which the works completed at the Budapest István street – Pozsonyi street tramline section or at the Budapest 3rd district Bokor street are excellent examples. At the latter location we also installed 180 meters of 1x240mm2 DC grounding cable.