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BKV Rt., , Strabag zRT., Tóth T. D. Fővállalkozói és Mérnökiroda Kft.
Date of Execution:
2004 - 2008
Budapest Angyalföldi -, Ferencvárosi -, Kelenföldi -, Hungária -, Száva – és Zugló sheds
Gender at Work:
reconstruction, expansion, building and construction works

Between 2004 and 2008, for four years, TENT-T provided our partners complete professional services in connection with the reconstruction, expansion, building and construction works related to the largest and most important tram sheds of Budapest. The volume of the works and our part taking of which is demonstrated by the following examples of what we have accomplished in this area:

The above examples are, of course, merely the larger chunks and phases of the works we have completed.

Our activity covered all aspects of modernization and expansion of tram sheds especially with regards power supply and maintenance capacity issues. We installed approximately 15 kilometers of overhead lines, feeding wires, grounding and telephone cables and set up 60 masts as part of the works we completed in the tram sheds. As part of the reconstruction and modernization project we also built almost 2500 m2 of hangar lighting and installed the necessary section and feeding point boxes, service and maintenance podiums, platform equipments, emergency release automatizations and point switch heating systems.

As part of the full scale reconstruction projects of tram depos in Budapest, our company was actively involved in many aspects of the designing process as well. As part of this, in 2013, we prepared the permit and construction designes for the reconstruction of the tram track and switch heating systems at Zuglo depo in its entirety plus the designs for overhead lines, switch heating and switch setting systems in connection with the tram track relocation at Bosnyak square.

As a continuing effort in the modernization of Budapest depos, in 2015, we prepared the permit and construction designs for the towing grounding cable and current return systems, for the overhead lines and the switch heating in connection with the reconstruction of ladder tracks at the Budapest Transport Company’s Szava depo.