Margit bridge

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MH 2009 Konzorcium (Közgép, A-Híd, Strabag)
Date of Execution:
2009 – 2011, 2013
Budapest – Margit bridge
Gender at Work:
reconstruction, expansion, building and construction works

Works we completed in relation to Margit bridge have of course already been presented in part as this is an integral part of the job we have done during the buildingof the combino tramline on the Great Ring of Budapest. However it is worth noting that works we have taken part in on the bridge are not only related to the tramline but also to the follow-up investment which targeted the complete reconstruction and modernization of the bridge and its facilities. TEN-T has also assumed an active role in this work, which allows us to be proud to say that no major works were performed on the bridge in the past years without our company being an active and integral part of it. As part of the larger project of reconstruction, enhancement and modernization of Margit bridge and surrounding areas vehicular traffic system, in the first phase our company built and constructed the DC overhead tram lines, return circuit systems and DC grounding cable systems; and in the second phase it was TEN-T who built and constructed the complete works in relation to power supply and connected systems. The third phase took us to building rail power supply systems in the entirety: building tram overhead line, laying public transport company grounding cable systems and the installation of point switches. As a final step we rounded off our job on the bridge by constructing the power supply systems at the Margit bridge – Jászai Mari square section of the tram line as well.

Over the course of our extensive action on and around Margit bridge, our company was responsible for building and relocating 5 kilometers of overhead lines, setting up 37 masts complete with arms and suspensions. We installed two complete sets of section insulation systems and the point switch; our company also laid 6 kilometers of traction ground cable system.