Fő street and the Buda shore of the Danube

Fő street and the Buda shore of the Danube
Strabag MML Kft. és Reneszánsz zRT.
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reconstruction and power supply construction

Our company took an integral part in the „Fő street project” that aimed to and succeeded at enchancing the quality of public transport ont he Buda side of the Danube, helping those who live on the mountaineous area of Budapest. The project included the redesign, reconstruction and modernization of transportation and power supply systems at the Fő street and Danube shore area. As part of this work our company handled the complete reconstruction and modernization of power supply systems to the main power distribution system on the Buda side on the Danube. In connection to this work our company completed construction of the puiblic transport company grounding cables and successfully installed and built the overhead tramlines ont he shore of the Danube, the return circuit systems, driver operated switch points, terminal signalling system, platform equipments and laid the necessary grounding cables. As part of the project TEN-T set up 88 masts, built 4.5 kilometers of overhead lines, laid over 3 kilometers of grounding cables and in connection to this installed around 20 switchboards and 3 point switches.