Continuous presence in Budapest – Trolley-bus

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Apart from the projects that can be characterized in larger chunks, as you can see here, our company is also very much present and takes an active part in the reconstruction and modernization ofthe Budapest trolley-bus system. The largest interconnecting trolley-bus system within the European Union can be found in Budapest, in fact, even when considering the geographic Europe, it is only Moscow that has a larger system than the Hungarian capital. As a result buses operate on substantial lines and form an important and integral part in the public transportation usage of the people of the city.

TEN-T can be proud to say that we can show a proven track record of unbroken continuity in this field for the past 35 years when our company was founded. Our relevant works go back to 1983 and the vast amount of projects we have successfully completed in our fields of expertise would amount to a huge list. We feel that it is very important for us to show that we are not only proud of the projects we complete within larger social and media spotlights, but are equally excited about projects that seem smaller, but hold equally important roles in the lives of local people as these results ease their everyday lives.

We conduct and take part in trolley-bus related projects and are proud to mention some of our most recent projects such as the overhead wiring correction works we conducted at Vezér road and Szugló street in Zugló or the replacement of the overhead wiring at Baross street. As our CEO usually says: “I am pretty sure there is not a street in the city where we haven’t left a footprint.”