Budapest great city ring (Nagykörút)

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Siemens zRT.
Date of Execution:
2006, 2010, 2013
Gender at Work:
installation and reconstruction

TEN-T was among the major players in one of the largest projects of the past 15 years that affected both vehicular traffic in general and the lives of the public of Budapest in a fundamental way. This investment was the installation of the combino trams on tramline no. 4-6 that runs through the heart of the city on the great ring. Our company was responsible for complete installation, maintenance, reconstruction, building and construction of the necessary power supply systems and overhead lines. In connection with this project we set up 123 masts and installed over 12 kilometers of tram overhead lines complete with 35 switchboards on the full length of the tramline including Margit bridge and the city ring in its entirety. In regards to point switches we installed enhancement allowing original settings to work alongside the newly installed radio frequency point switch systems. Our role and the quality of professional work we provided in this project, we are proud of the fact that TEN-T as a brand is forever connected with the modernization of the city ring tramline and bringing public transport in this area to the 21st century standards. This is so much so, that all relevant scheduled maintenance and expansion/enhancement jobs are executed by our company. In terms of such jobs we have completed the power supply construction as required by the second phase of full tramline maintenance in 2010 and have also built and constructed the 230V power supply system of the driver shed at Blaha Lujza square. During the 2013 scheduled full maintenance of the Teréz and József road sections of the city ring including Petőfi bridge we were assigned the job of construction and maintenance of power supply and guarding systems.