Baross square

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Colas, Hídépítő zRT., Strabag zRT.
Date of Execution:
2005-2006, 2007, 2013
Budapest, Baross tér – Kerepesi út
Gender at Work:
redesign, reconstruction, building and construction

Our company took an active part in the reconstruction and construction works beginning in 2005 at the Budapest Baross square that was a necessary consequence and an essential part of surface construction and modernization in connection with the building of metroline 4. We continued to work at the site during all phases of the surface reconstruction and modernization project up until the technical delivery of the metroline.

Our activity at the site started with building surace overhead lines that acted as an integral part of the structural reconstruction of metroline 2. This was followed by construction of the Kerepesi road trolley-bus overhead wire system in connection with the reconstruction, rearrangement and modernization of vehicular traffic which project formed an integral part of the public aspect of the Arena Plaza construction. With the building and construction of overhead tram lines and trolley-bus wires and public transport company grounding lines systems as part of the finalization process of the Baross square surface modernization and reconstruction project in connection with metroline 4, our work at the area came to a full circle.

As part of the construction work, TEN-T zRT. set up close to 30 masts, built and constructed more than 6 kilometers of trolley-bus double overhead wiring, laid several kilometers of grounding and telephone cables plus installed trolley-busXtram and trolley-busXtrolley-bus crossings, complete platform equipments and passanger information systems.

In 2013 we prepared the permit and construction design for the trolley bus overhead lines at the terminal points and across the location. Towing grounding cables and designing their lanes in front of Keleti Railway Station and Bethlen Gabor street also formed a part of the design project at this site.